I'm an Influencer, Can I Negotiate My Contract With the Brand I am Working With?

When you are an influencer working with larger brands with huge legal departments and teams behind them can be intimidating, and often that just means we sign whatever contract is presented to us. This however, should not always be the case.


Let me start by saying this….contracts are intended to be negotiated! Never once in my legal career have I seen a contract presented that wasn’t negotiated, redlined and changed in one form or another. This is because the party presenting the contract, and the other party have different ideas of what they each want as a result of the partnership. The contract is just the agreement of both the parties in written form of what they each agree on.

I hear so often that influencers don’t want to negotiate contracts because they are scared the brand will find them difficult or won’t want to work with them after they negotiate. This is completely false. The attorneys working with these brands actually expect you to negotiate the contract! Also, having your contract reviewed, redlined and negotiated by your attorney helps to make sure you are protected and your requirements as a party to the contract are clearly stated and agreed upon by the brand.

I realize this can seem intimidating and somewhat overwhleming but honestly it shouldn’t be. If this is something you need help with feel free to reach out, this is something I do all the time for clients and would love to help you as well!