Online Business & Marketing


If you are an influencer, blogger or brand and need help on the legal side of influencer marketing.

How our legal services can help you…

1. Contracts

It is so important to have a contract that thoroughly and accurately lays out the needs and requirements of both parties. We can help you:

  1. Draft solid contracts that protect you and your brand.

  2. Review contracts presented to you by a brand.

  3. Negotiate contracts presented to you by a brand.

2. Demand Letters

If you are an influencer that hasn’t gotten paid for the work you have already delivered, we can draft and deliver an official letter to the non compliant party to demand payment.

3. FTC Compliance & Affiliate Disclosure

The FTC is established to protect consumers and if you are an infuencer you need make sure you are following the guidelines when posting as an influencer.

Every website is required to have a terms of service (stating what your website is offering its visitors and what is acceptable), and a privacy policy that is GDPR compliant (telling your website visitors what your are doing with their personal information). We can help you draft these documents.

4. Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

We can help with the drafting, review, and negotiation of licensing contracts.

5. Licensing