Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You plan to work with a brand and/or influencer and come to an agreement only for them to ask you to “send over your contract”, one that you don’t have!

  • You quickly have to piece together different parts of contracts you find online and have no idea what the legal terms mean or why you are putting them in your contract.

  • The party you are working with sends over a contract and you have no idea what it means and if it is fair or even protects you.

  • You make influencer marketing agreements over Instagram DM and hope the other party holds up their end of the agreement.

  • You work with an influencer and/or brand, putting in time, money, and effort all to have the other party ghost you without notice.

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The truth is, it is only a matter of time until something goes haywire and you aren’t protected because you didn’t have a solid agreement in place.


If you are serious about influencer marketing in your business, you need to stop crossing your fingers and hoping nothing goes wrong and actually take the necessary steps to protect yourself legally.

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 Take a second and imagine a world where…

  • You are working with a brand or influencer and know you are both on the same page. What is expected from each party is clearly written out for both parties to see, agree to, and reference back to.

  • You know the agreed upon work will get done, and in what time frame.

  • You know as a brand what has to be completed by the influencer and when you have to pay them, and as an influencer you know you are going to get paid!

  • You are able to provide to the other party a rock solid agreement that protects you in any situation within only 10 minutes of them asking for it!

  • Both parties are confident in the agreement and happy to work with each other, creating a long lasting, lucrative relationship!


Yes, this is all possible.


I want to introduce you to the solution to your problems:

The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™

A 5 page, attorney drafted, rock solid influencer marketing agreement template.


Get all the benefits of having an attorney drafted contract without the super expensive price tag!


Because this is a Mad Libs type template, you can use it over and over again!

It’s super easy to modify to fit each individual influencer campaign.


The template is so easy to use, you will have an influencer marketing agreement ready to be signed in less than 10 minutes!



“Thank goodness for Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™ (UIMA)! I am finally able to be in control and not give away my image rights (yep done that before). I can finally get paid in a reasonable amount of time (yep, signed a contract once with 120 day payout. CRAZY). And I can set expectations that help keep everyone accountable and on track. Not only that, but I no longer take hours trying to decipher what a contract says, or paying a lawyer friend to read over my contracts. Working without a contract isn't an option and such a relief to find a template that is so easy to change to be able to use repeatedly. I highly recommend anyone working with brands to protect themselves and their business using the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™ (UIMA).”

- Michelle Robinson, Modern Day Moguls



Every influencer that wants to be true boss needs to grab the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™. The template that Alli provides is wonderful, but being able to have the corresponding resource guide that clearly outlines the “why” behind everything in that is included in contracts is essential. All terms are broken down and the resource guide checklist ensures you won’t miss a thing when it comes down to executing a contract on your own. Having this information at my fingertips helps build confidence in negotiations and cuts down the time I'd spend researching it all. Thank you, Alli!”


What’s Included in the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™?

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  • A fully customizable, detailed, attorney drafted and reviewed contract template perfect for influencers and brands engaging in influencer marketing campaings;

  • A video tutorial walking you through each and every clause and section in the agreement so you have a full understanding of the document;

  • A beautifully designed, 32 page resource guide detailing every clause for quick reference if a question arises about a certain portion of the agreement;

  • A checklist to make sure you have appropriately filled out all sections of the template before sending it off to be signed; and

  • A completed pdf for reference as to what a finalized agreement should look like.

Ready to get started?



Over my career as a blogger and influencer, I have spent an endless amount of hours trying to use the internet to find answers to my legal questions around this industry, simply because there wasn't an efficient, affordable option out there to help. In less than an hour, Alli's easy to understand Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™ and accompanying walkthrough video addressed questions that I've been trying to find answers to for over 7 years. I've entered into so many unprotected partnerships without any kind of agreement simply because I didn't know how to wrap my head around this process without paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for an attorney to write something up. I feel like I can finally breathe knowing I have something simple and effective in place to protect myself when working with brands. I am so excited to see the growth this will bring to my business because I will be far less hesitant to reach out to brands. Plus, having an agreement I can readily send over shows brands that I value my time and take my blog seriously, which I know they'll appreciate! Thank you so much for creating this!

- Allyn Lewis,




Because sometimes working with a brand or influencer doesn’t always involve an exchange of money, we are also including as a bonus for you, the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Collaboration Agreement (value: $297), a 2 page template for use when you money isn’t involved!



“With the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™, Alli gives you everything you need to understand the contracts you're signing. She describes every clause in an easy to understand way. I also really love that her contract is geared towards brands and influencers so each party knows that they're being treated fairly.

-Tori Mistick,


I’m worried I will do the work for a brand and won’t get paid. With the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™ you are protected. There are multiple clauses that ensure you will not only get paid, but will get paid on time.



I’m worried I’ll hire an influencer and they won’t perform as promised. No worries here, we got you covered with clauses that protect you for non performance by the influencer.



I want to have a contract in place, but don’t know where to start or what to include. That is where the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™ comes into play. This contract template is attorney drafted and reviewed to include everything you need to protect yourself and your business including the 9 must haves in an influencer marketing agreement.


I don’t understand the legal side of things, and am worried that an extensive contract will scare off potential influencers/brands. Contracts are in place to protect both parties to the agreement! A thorough contract will show the other party that you are professional and serious about influencer marketing. And don’t worry, included with the template is a video where I walk you through each and every clause in the contract, as well as a beautifully designed 32 page resource guide for easy reference when needing to know what a clause in the agreement means.


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You have two choices here…


You can continue doing influencer marketing using pieced together contracts from the internet, or relying on a contract provided by the other party and hope it has the appropriate protections for you….


You can have a rock solid influencer marketing contract drafted and reviewed by an attorney, ready to be signed in less than 10 minutes!

Don’t wait until something goes wrong and you are caught in an expensive legal battle…

Protect yourself and your brand and do business the right way from the start.


What will you choose?


Who is the attorney behind the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™?


Hi, I’m Alli Elmunzer, attorney turned entrepreneur, turned attorney for entrepreneurs. I am the founder of my virtual law firm, Influencer Legal, where I help influencers, brands, bloggers, content creators, and entrepreneurs navigate the legal side of online business. My mission is to empower you to confidently grow your business without having to stress about the nuances of the law.


The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™…


is for…

  • Influencers and Brands. Remember, the goal of a contract is to be fair to both sides and clearly and accurately define the roles and requirements for each party. This agreement was drafted with those elements in mind and is perfect for either influencers or brands.

  • People who take their business seriously. The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement was created for brands and influencers who are committed to running and growing their businesses and doing so with the right legal protections in place.

  • Smart brands and influencers. This agreement is for smart entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to draft an agreement themselves nor do they have the legal know how to do so but want to run their business like the boss they are.


is not for…

  • Influencers and brands who don’t care about the legal side of things. If you prefer to run your business with your fingers crossed hoping nothing ever goes wrong, the agreement is not for you.

    People who like to take risks and spend money on legal fees. Something at some point will go wrong. If you like wasting time and money on attorneys, this agreement is not for you.

    People who prefer to do verbal deals or deals over Instagram DM. If you prefer to not have a contract or agreement in place at all, this agreement is not for you.


30 Day Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™ template, we will work with you to make sure you are, even if that means a full refund. Just contact us within 30 days of purchasing the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement™ and we will make it right.


Yes! If after 30 days you are not completely happy with your purchase we will work with you to make you happy, even if that means a full refund.


The agreement and all accompanying materials will be delivered via a zip file once purchased.


You probably could, but that is very risky. For starters you have no idea who wrote that contract, it could be someone just like you who just pieced together a few documents from the internet. Also, not knowing the source of the document means you have no idea if the clauses in the agreement actually apply to you and what you are doing (influencer marketing) and if they would actually hold up in a court of law.


YES! Firstly, protecting yourself and your business is of the utmost importance and investing in legal protection is always a smart idea. Also, if you were ever to have to pay an attorney to draft a contract for you, or heaven forbid hire an attorney to litigate a dispute, I can assure you your legal fees would be significantly higher than the price of this agreement.


The agreement was drafted with laws in the United States in mind. If you live in another country you can use the template as a starting point and then modify to include legal requirements for your country.